Top 1% Seller Reveals Secret Formula on Creating 6 Figure Automated Income

In his 15+ years working online John has followed one simple formula that has raked in

sales of up to $10,427 per day in spending as little as 27 minutes of his time.

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Before he dives into the formula, he discussed about some important facts surrounding

the Affiliate Marketing industry like the following.

Physical Products vs Digital Products

  • Upfront costs
    • Creating digital products costs as little as $0 if the content is like ebook or video tutorial.
    • Creating physical products costs a lot and need to be paid upfront.

  • Delivery
    • Digital Products can be downloded within minutes after purchase.
    • Depending on the location of the buyer, delivery could take days or even weeks.

  • Supply/Availability
    • For digital products there will be unlimited supply after creation.
    • For physical products supply is limited by the volume of copies created.

Affiliate Marketers vs Digital Product Owners

Affiliate Marketers earn commission when someone purchase the product from their affiliate

link. The problem is there are a lot of competition with many people promoting the same product.

Even when using paid traffic, there is no guarantee that it would generate income.

Digital product owners need only to create a digital product once and wait for affiliate marketers

to promote their product. They only pay commission when a product is sold. Even if they give

100% commission, they do not need to pay anything as they buyer is paying for the commission.

The problem is there should be a digital that requires expertise to produce.

Best of Both Worlds

Someone with no expertise nor existing digital product can still taste the experience of being a

digital product owner by entering in a joint venture contract(JVC) with the owner and split the

profits. They only need to recruit affiliate marketers to drive traffic to the product.

Secret Formula Step by Step

  1. Enter in a joint venture contract with digital product owner
  2. Create Affiliate Network account(Clickbank)
  3. Create email autoresponder account(A-Weber)
  4. Configure autoresponder
  5. Link Affiliate Network account to email autoresponder
  6. Test the configuration

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